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#81: Are You A Good Listener, Leader?

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About the Episode

The ability to really listen is one of the most important traits of a good leader. Self Smarter leaders should be committed to using every opportunity to hone and strengthen this skill. Improving your listening abilities is an intentional and gradual process, but if you put in the work, you will strengthen relationships with the people in your life. We hope you reflect on this episode to determine whether your life requires greater listening so you can guide success. In today’s music moment, Dan’l and Megan share their various experiences with watching the Broadway musical, Hamilton.

Show Notes

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  • How Seth Godin recommends we listen:
    • Participate in live interaction with people. Don’t worry about taking notes – just listen.
    • Do it on purpose. Make the effort to ACTUALLY become good at listening.
    • Pay back the people that you’re listening to with enthusiasm.  Pay attention and respond!
    • Don’t ask questions as much as you make statements building on and processing what you just heard.
    • Take what you heard and use it as a base for the next project or idea you have.
    • If you disagree, take a beat and try not to challenge the speaker, and instead, challenge the idea.
Dan'l and Megan

About the Hosts

We’re Dan’l Mackey Almy and Megan Zweig, the hosts of the Self Smarter podcast. We’re wives, mothers, and friends and have spent the majority of our careers leading a full-service marketing agency that serves the fresh food, floral, and better-for-you foods industry. Our chats usually involve the latest marketing insights, leadership lessons, and self-awareness tools. These chats always include lots of laughter, the occasional tear and are mostly discussed over a cocktail… or three. We’re passionate about sharing what we’ve learned, the highs and the lows, to help other leaders in the journey of becoming self smarter.

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