Our Story

Hi, we’re Dan’l and Megan,

and we are so glad you’re here!

If you’re like us, you’re seeking fulfillment in your leadership role … and hoping to grow in your abilities to lead well – inside and outside of the workplace.

We’re passionate about sharing our leadership lessons – the good and the bad – to help fellow leaders like you find community and support in your leadership journey – no matter your age or experience.


Dan'l and Megan

We invite you to join us to learn, grow, and support each other as
we seek to be better every day.

Receive leadership advice and tools from an experienced team of business leaders.

Meet the Leaders of Self Smarter


Dan’l Mackey Almy

Hello everyone!

I’m so glad you’ve taken the courageous step to become a better leader…for yourself and for others in your life. 

I knew early on that I was a natural self starter with an entrepreneurial spirit and have always been a bit fearless in my pursuit of new ideas. I’m a high-spirited Enneagram 7 who’s not short on optimism and spontaneity. Maybe that’s what gave me the motivation to leave a secure corporate job in 2003 and started my own company at 30. 

Equipped with a keen sense for business, a deep understanding of the industry that I had spent my entire career in, and an ease for making new connections, how hard could this be? My business took off, we experienced steady year-over-year growth, and our team grew to around 20 employees. Sounds like a dream, right?

Many days it was. But the miscommunications and misaligned expectations created ripples in our company culture and bubbled to the surface when my team gave me a 26% approval rating as a leader in 2015.

That is when I made the conscious decision to begin my Self Smarter journey. I wanted to become the leader I felt like my team, my family, and my friends deserved. It was one of the most vulnerable and uncomfortable experiences I’ve walked through, but after 8 years, I’m glad I stayed on the journey and continue daily.

What I know for sure is leadership doesn’t have to be isolating or difficult, really. When you know yourself and you understand where others are coming from, your leadership success is simply more likely.

If personal and professional development is a priority of yours, I’d be so happy to guide and coach you.


Megan Zweig

Welcome, friend!

Thank you for being here and considering us as part of your leadership journey. After working with Dan’l for over fifteen years, I’ve watched, learned, and lived the lessons our business has taught us.

Leadership has always been something I’m passionate about. As a child and young adult, I lead just about any team, squad or group I could join. 

Over the years, that passion for leadership has blossomed into a full fledged career that is rooted in helping the people I am blessed to work with daily, honing their purpose, passion and potential.

Let’s be real for a moment and not sugar coat the truth. People can be difficult. In fact, in my career, I’ve found money and business goals are the easier part. It’s the people aspect of leadership where the real grit and glory are found.

That’s why I’m on this Self Smarter journey with Dan’l. I not only trust her as a friend, leader and mentor, I also trust her natural instincts about people and business. I’ve learned from her and am here to help you learn those lessons too. I’m so glad you’re here and willing to take the initiative of investing in yourself, your growth and your team. 

I’d be honored to work with you and walk alongside you in your leadership journey!