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#80: ENNEAGRAM: How Your Wings Make You Special Part 2

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About the Episode

Wings are one of the most intriguing elements of the Enneagram personality system. In part two, we walk through each of the wings and dig deeper into what makes you, YOU! Wings offer a kaleidoscope of personality variations, adding layers to the core types. Like we discussed in Episode #79, understanding your core type and wing combination can illuminate the intricacies of your behaviors, motivations, and growth paths. Embrace your wings, and let them help you soar into the realm of self-discovery! In today’s music moment, Dan’l and Megan share their craziest concert moments ever.

Show Notes

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  • Episode 79: ENNEAGRAM: How Your Wings Make You Special – Self Smarter Podcast
  • Wings by Type:
    • Type 9: The Peacemaker
      • Wings: The Dreamer (9w1) and The Referee (9w8)
      • Type 9s, seeking harmony, discover their wings shaping their responses. A 9w1 combines peacemaking with a sense of duty and ethics. A 9w8 infuses the core type’s desire for peace with assertiveness and a capacity for standing up for what they believe in. These wings deepen the core type’s quest for inner and outer tranquility.
    • Type 1: The Reformer
      • Wings: The Idealist (1w9) and The Advocate (1w2)
      • For Type 1s, the wings lend distinct flavors. A 1w9 leans towards a calm and introverted demeanor, embodying more of the peacemaking traits from Type 9. Conversely, a 1w2 channels empathy and warmth, blending with the Type 2’s helping tendencies. These wings soften the perfectionist core, allowing 1s to express their desire for improvement in nuanced ways.
    • Type 2: The Helper
      • Wings: The Host (2w1) and The Companion (2w3)
      • Type 2s, driven by their desire to assist, are influenced by their wings in distinct ways. A 2w1 combines nurturing qualities with a sense of duty, while a 2w3 infuses ambition and charisma into their helping nature. These wings amplify the core type’s warmth, creating a dynamic personality with the capacity to inspire and care.
    • Type 3: The Achiever
      • Wings: The Professional (3w2) and The Expert (3w4)
      • Type 3s, motivated by success, gain additional dimensions through their wings. A 3w2 combines achievement with interpersonal skills, becoming a charming go-getter. On the other hand, a 3w4 fuses creativity and authenticity, channeling their ambition into more unique expressions. These wings enhance the core type’s drive for excellence.
    • Type 4: The Individualist
      • Wings: The Aristocrat (4w3) and The Bohemian (4w5)
      • For Type 4s, the wings enhance their emotional depth. A 4w3 blends creativity with ambition, emphasizing the desire for recognition. A 4w5 combines introspection with a quest for knowledge, resulting in a more reserved and intellectual approach. These wings add layers to the core type’s longing for individuality and authenticity.
    • Type 5: The Investigator
      • Wings: The Thinker (5w4) and The Observer (5w6)
      • Type 5s, driven by a thirst for knowledge, manifest their wings uniquely. A 5w4 combines intellectual pursuits with emotional sensitivity, resulting in a more artistic and introspective demeanor. A 5w6 blends analytical thinking with loyalty and caution, creating a more grounded expression. These wings deepen the core type’s quest for understanding.
    • Type 6: The Loyalist
      • Wings: The Defender (6w5) and The Buddy (6w7)
      • For Type 6s, the wings shape their response to anxiety and uncertainty. A 6w5 combines loyalty with a thirst for knowledge, often leaning into analytical thinking. A 6w7 infuses loyalty with a more adventurous spirit, embracing new experiences as a way to alleviate doubt. These wings add layers to the core type’s need for security.
    • Type 7: The Enthusiast
      • Wings: The Realist (7w6) and The Visionary (7w8)
      • Type 7s, fueled by a quest for excitement, find their wings influencing their outlook. A 7w6 combines enthusiasm with caution, blending excitement with practicality. A 7w8 infuses the core type’s enthusiasm with assertiveness and a desire for control. These wings enhance the core type’s pursuit of joy and adventure.
    • Type 8: The Challenger
      • Wings: The Maverick (8w7) and The Leader (8w9)
      • For Type 8s, the wings amplify their assertive nature. An 8w7 blends the core type’s dominance with an adventurous spirit and a desire for experiences. An 8w9 combines strength with a more calm and diplomatic approach, often becoming a stabilizing force. These wings enrich the core type’s drive for control and authority.
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