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#1: Why Self Smarter?

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About the Episode

Before we can dive into the weekly application of becoming self smarter, you need some background. Why did we start this podcast? Why is it called Self Smarter? We’ll share the context and backstory of our journey in becoming better leaders in the office, in our home, and our community. You’ll hear in the episode that we believe everyone has the opportunity to be a leader, however, they must choose to do so. It’s a decision of applying self-knowledge, taking accountability, and embracing the practice of leadership. If you haven’t, make that choice today! In this episode’s “Music Moment,” Dan’l gives her opinion on Adele’s controversial decision to cancel/postpone her Las Vegas residency.

Show Notes

We wouldn’t be the leaders we are today without the support and advice from other people, leaders, and mentors! Below are the links to the resources we referenced and discussed throughout this episode. We encourage you to check them out!

  1. Permission To Screw Up Book – Kristen Hadeed
  2. One Night Only Concert & Interview – Adele
  3. Atlas of The Heart Book – Brené Brown
  4. Enneagram Test – Enneagram Institute
  5. Greenlights Audio Book – Matthew McConaughey
  6. We Can Do hard Thing Podcasts – Glennon Doyle

Episode Giveaway

To celebrate our first episode, we’re giving away seven free Enneagram test codes! Head to our Instagram account for the chance to win. Giveaway ends on 2/14/22.

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Dan'l and Megan

About the Hosts

We’re Dan’l Mackey Almy and Megan Zweig, the hosts of the Self Smarter podcast. We’re wives, mothers, and friends and have spent the majority of our careers leading a full-service marketing agency that serves the fresh food, floral, and better-for-you foods industry. Our chats usually involve the latest marketing insights, leadership lessons, and self-awareness tools. These chats always include lots of laughter, the occasional tear and are mostly discussed over a cocktail… or three. We’re passionate about sharing what we’ve learned, the highs and the lows, to help other leaders in the journey of becoming self smarter.

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