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#74: Conquering Our Fear of Public Speaking

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Whether you’re speaking to a room full of your teammates or addressing a large audience, public speaking is the thing people fear most in life. The truth is, public speaking is one of the ways you can elevate your presence as a leader. In today’s episode of Self Smarter, Dan’l and Megan dive deeper into this fear to provide their tips and techniques for making the need for public speaking a little less worrisome and a lot more fruitful. In today’s music moment, Dan’l and Megan talk about the importance of utilizing music to help set the stage and tell your story.

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Dan'l and Megan

About the Hosts

We’re Dan’l Mackey Almy and Megan Zweig, the hosts of the Self Smarter podcast. We’re wives, mothers, and friends and have spent the majority of our careers leading a full-service marketing agency that serves the fresh food, floral, and better-for-you foods industry. Our chats usually involve the latest marketing insights, leadership lessons, and self-awareness tools. These chats always include lots of laughter, the occasional tear and are mostly discussed over a cocktail… or three. We’re passionate about sharing what we’ve learned, the highs and the lows, to help other leaders in the journey of becoming self smarter.

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