Virtual Peer Group Coaching

Virtual Peer Group Coaching

From: $59.00 / month

Subscription Starting at $59/mo

Leadership coaching groups committed to learning from, sharing with, and facing leadership challenges together in a virtual setting. Groups limited to 15 participants for an intimate and productive learning time. We recommend a commitment of six months to get the most out of your Self Smarter journey; however, you can maintain your subscription for as long as you like.  Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.



During these virtual sessions, a peer group of up to 15 leaders from different locations and backgrounds will meet over a six-month time frame to learn from, share with, and work together to provide solutions to everyday leadership problems. To help you glean the most relevant peer feedback, our coaching groups are segmented into two categories of leadership:  0-4 years experience and 5+ years experience. Megan will be present to guide the conversation and offer coaching.

Guided conversations will include topics like:

  • Fear and self-doubt
  • Handling tough conversations
  • Personality and work style tools such as the Enneagram and Working Genius
  • Vulnerability
  • Recovering from *big* mistakes
  • Gaining or regaining trust from your team
  • Dealing with hiring missteps
  • And more!

Hello new or up-and-coming leaders with 0 – 4 years experience!

We’re so glad you’ve decided to invest in your leadership journey early on. There are no required leadership prerequisites to join this group. You may still be on a trajectory to leading a team in the near future or you may have already started dipping your toe in leadership waters.

Pricing for 0-4 years experience: $59/month for 6 months

You can expect to leave these monthly coaching sessions with:

  • Meaningful connections with peers in a similar career stage
  • Tips for navigating challenging leadership scenarios
  • Knowledge about effective leadership strategies and common pitfalls
  • Tools for self-awareness and managing team dynamics
  • Shared experiences and group feedback

This group meets every second Wednesday of the month at 3pm Central. Sign up today and join us for the kickoff on September 13, 2023.

Welcome mid-level and senior leaders with a five or more years of experience!

We are excited to come alongside you in your leadership journey! If you are signing up for this group, you should already be well immersed into a leadership role with team members reporting directly to you. Your team can be small or large – the size of your team or organization is not important.

Pricing for 5+ years experience: $79/month for 6 months

You can expect to leave these monthly coaching sessions with:

  • Meaningful connections with other leaders interested in also learning from shared experiences
  • Guidance for current leadership challenges
  • Solutions from the group’s collective experiences
  • Validation amongst a group of peers spanning a variety of industries and professions
  • Tools for navigating challenging leadership scenarios
  • Self-knowledge about your leadership style

This group meets every third Wednesday of the month at 3pm Central. Sign up today and join us for the kickoff on September 20, 2023.

As coaches and participants, we affirm the following:

  • We will keep our group conversations confidential and respect one another’s privacy
  • We will be self aware of our speaking time and give everyone time to share
  • We will treat one another with respect and withhold judgment
  • We will keep our cameras on as much as we can and actively participate in each session
  • We will be truthful in our sharing and practice vulnerability
  • We will offer our experiences and lessons learned for the benefit of the group
  • Relationships created outside of the virtual coaching environment are at the discretion of the members and of a private nature

How frequently will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged each month on the date that you originally signed up.

Can I cancel my coaching subscription?

Yes, you can cancel anytime.

How many coaching sessions am I committing to?

We recommend a commitment of 6 to 12 months; however, there is no time limit if you wish to continue beyond 12 months and you can cancel at anytime.

Can I invite my friend to join?

Yes, participants can enroll at anytime and will be invited to join at the next available coaching group. We cannot guarantee that you will be in the same group, but will try to accommodate if the group is not already maxed out.

How many participants are in each coaching group?

We max out the Virtual Peer Coaching groups at 15 to ensure an intimate enough setting that you can get to know one another and build trust with the group.

What if I need to miss a monthly group session due to a conflict?

No problem! Conflicts happen and we understand. Just pick up the next month and dive back in. Your monthly fee will continue to hold your spot in the group without interruption. Should an ongoing conflict prohibit you from staying in your current group, please inquire at if another group has an opening or you can cancel at any time.


Today’s leadership challenge is more than likely someone else’s past experience. Let’s find validation and solutions in a group setting where truth and trust gives us the guidance we need.

– Megan Zweig

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